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Additional Info

  • How many jumpers can bounce at once?
    Most of the inflatable jumpers have a safety capacity as follows. Up to 8 kids from 2-7. Up to 6 kids from 8-12; Up to 4 teens; Up to 3-4 adults. It’s good to limit most bouncy houses to individuals under 150 pounds and never over 250 pounds (250 for slides and obstacle courses). It’s recommended to keep the total weight in the bounce house at one time under 800 pounds.
  • What’s your cancellation policy?
    When you reserve items for your event, it takes it out of our inventory for others to rent. We also pre-stage your items, schedule routing of our drivers for your day, and have several pre-event activities to complete when your reservation is made. If you cancel for any reason, we will refund everything but your deposit (25% of the total rental cost). In the event of large-scale weather surprises, we will work together to allow up to one reschedule. We understand we are in Alaska and mother nature and life happens. All that we ask is that you give us 72 hours upon changes.
  • How long are the rentals?
    Rentals are blocked out for 7 hours. The 7 hours include 30 minutes of setup service and 30minutes of cleaning/take down. That is 6 hours of fun filled bouncing time!
  • When will you deliver? Delivery Time?
    On weekends and holidays, we’re extremely busy. Think of us as delivering furniture, not pizza. Meaning, we have a full day of deliveries and are unable to guarantee specific delivery times but work within a 2-3 hour delivery window. This means we may need to drop off your unit(s) early and/or pick them up later. You will not be charged extra, you’ll just have more fun time. We’ll confirm delivery times when we call 1-2 days on final confrimation. Summer time deliveries are scheduled between 8am-11am all bounce houses are back at the shop preferrably by 8pm.
  • How do you clean your units?
    Cleanliness is something we take very seriously. Each unit is thoroughly cleaned (vacuumed and power washed) and inspected after each use.
  • What does each rental include?
    All pricing includes delivery, setup, pickup and cleaning of your inflatable(s) rental. We provide our own extension cords for every job. Inflatables and any items requiring electricity need an electrical source within 100 feet; generators are available for an additional cost.
  • Are you insured?
    Yes, we carry an industry leading insurance policy. Many of our customers require a large liability policy in order to work with them. At AK Jump N Bounce we’re more than happy to provide a Certificate of Insurance if needed.
  • What areas do you service?
    We provide inflatables within and around the surrounding areas of Anchorage. Deliveries that extending beyond 50 miles from Anchorage 50 miles will accrue a delivery fee. If you have a unique need, feel free to call our office for a custom quote.
  • Tips from the delivery team?
    Tips are appreciated but by no means are they expected. The team works extremely hard to ensure a fun and safe party and we consider tips as the ultimate compliment for our service. To be well prepared for your inflatable here are some helpful tips we can give to you. Clear Path: Please ensure that there is a clear path from the street all the way to your setup area. If you have stairs or a tiered backyard, please call the office to discuss setup options. Clear Area: Remove all sharp objects, toys, twigs, rocks, and clean ALL dog piles from the area, inflatables will NOT be setup in unsanitary conditions. Flat Area: The inflatables need to be setup on a flat surface and free from obstructions on all sides as well as above (trees, overhangs, etc.) The size of each inflatable is listed on our website. Grassy areas are preferable. Note: we do ask if we are setting up on grass or concrete before we arrive so that our drivers are prepared for setup.
  • How can I pay my bill?
    We accept business checks, cash, and all major credit cards. Visa, Master Card, Discover, and American Express. If you have an outstanding balance, you will get an automated email before your event with a link to pay your online payment.
  • Can I have my party at a park?
    Yes! Our inflatables and games are great for parks. Your city/town may require that you have a reservation and/or a permit in order to have an inflatable at the park. This is the responsibility of the customer, NOT AK JUMP N BOUNCE. Also, most cities will require that they are named as additionally insured on our policy. We do need at least 72 hours notice to add an additionally insured on our policy. Does the park have power? If electricity isn’t available, we can arrange for a generator for an additional cost.
  • How much space do I need?
    That depends on which inflatable(s) you are renting. Please refer to the specific sizes for each unit on the website for exact sizes. If your unit is 20 x 20 x 20 ft, you should have a space available of at least 25 x 25 x 25 ft, this is an added space for safety. Make sure your area is tall enough and clear of trees, power lines and anything overhead.
  • What kind of power is needed?
    Each inflatable unit takes at least one standard power outlet and some units require more. This will be shown on your contract. If power isn’t available, we can provide a generator for a small fee. Due to insurance and liability reasons, we can’t use someone else’s generators.
  • Can you set up on concrete or gravel? What kind of surface can the inflatable be placed on?
    We can set up on nearly any surface. If you have any questions or are unsure, feel free to call or email.
  • Am I responsible for damage to the inflatable?
    It depends. You are not responsible for normal wear and tear on our units. Seams may develop tears in high traffic areas over a period of time. If this happens please alert us at once, so we can remedy the situation. However, damage may occur due to failure on not following our safety rules posted or negligence. You will be responsible for all damages up to and including replacement of the unit/blower etc... which may cost thousands of dollars. We don’t want you, or us, to be in that situation which is why we have you read, agree and sign the safety rules so that you can be the trained operator.
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